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Dispensing with all the usual qualifying stuff about what I ride, how long I have ridden and how many miles I ride per annum I'll just say I do ride and it is the biggest part of my life.
Several years ago I found myself caught up in a lifestyle that I had always rebelled against, corporate America. Lotsa money, lotsa toys, big house in the right part of town, you get the picture. Realizing what I had become, from 'Pecks bad boy' just a few years earlier, to this person that I didn't know when I looked in the mirror I decided to make a drastic change. Moved to North Carolina and bought a small farm totally isolated from neighbors and society in general.
1991 brought another turning point in my life. I realized I was an alcoholic and drug addict. Try as I might I could not go for a day without a drink or some other mind altering chemical. The next course of action were the 12 step programs of AA and NA which I still attend on a regular basis and am actively involved with service work in the prison system in rural North Carolina.
Today I live the 'American Dream'. Married to a good woman, four grown children, several grand-kids, raise a few animals for pets, tinker on my tractors and very content with my life as it is today.
I make most of the yearly bike events--Daytona, Sturgis, Laconia. Try to make the Redwood Run on the left coast, Laughlin and Four Corners. If you see a black Harley on a trailer with a big bald tattooed biker driving a new Ford F-150 Harley Edition you can bet your sweet ass it ain't me. You can find me on a back road shootin the breeze with an old timer on the porch of a general store talkin bout Harleys, tractors and the weather in Lizard Lick, NC; Jayton, Tx; Miles City, Montana or Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
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Happiness is Civil Disobedience