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The first attempt at the HogShop's website was in early 1994 and it was a 'piece of work' to say the least. I still get a big grin on my face when I think about how shitty it looked.
I had no idea how to build a Homey and being a biker I had no friends that were computer literate, or at least none of them would admit they used a computer, so I was at a loss on writing html code and resources were few and far between.
The HogShop sat in a one page state for about a year because once I uploaded the first page I had no idea how to get back to it to edit the damn thing.
Several more attempts were made once I figured out how to edit the thing but I could never seem to get the 'look' I wanted. Then I met Free online and she had some amazing ideas and a very creative imagination.
Free and I became good friends and she taught me a lot about layout, graphics and code writing and the HogShop took on a life.
The background and layout of the HogShop has remained virtually unchanged for the past two years. The block background and Sad Sack are permanent fixtures.
There are about 150 David Mann pictures scattered thru the site and about 50 more waiting to be uploaded and lots I haven't scanned.
The HogShop is full of satire and it has never been my intention to offend anyone. Occasionally when a subject is really on my mind I deal with it by puting it on the Bitch Page or the Soapbox.
The main purpose of the HogShop is to expose some of the new bikers to some of the old David Mann art. I use to spend hours trying to figure out the story behind each of the drawings and still see each one in a different way each time I see them.