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Harley Clones
Harley Clones in this case does not refer to the Jap look-a-likes but instead to the companys and individual small shops that can build a bike that is almost impossible to tell that it ain't the genuine article.
There are a lot of companys springin' up now that can build a Harley Clone for several thousand less than you can buy a new or used Harley for at your local dealer.
I've ridden some of these bikes and they ride and handle just as well as a Harley except you can get one with a lot more muscle. I've ridden a few 96, 103 and 113 CI S&S powered bikes and they are awsome.
If you are considering getting one of these there are a few things you should consider before plunkin' down your hard earned cash.
Usually they don't conform to EPA or DOT standards,some have shitty construction with a lot of stuff left off and virtually no written warranty.
If you plan to buy one of these bikes ask for a copy of its EPA and DOT compliance material. Ask what resale guides the bike is listed in and see how the resale prices compare. Ask how much product liability insurance they carry and how many complaints have been filed against them with the DOT. Find out about service and what the warranty covers and for how long. Get all this shit in writing. Also call your insurance company and see if you are going to be covered and what they pay out in the event your bike gets ripped off or in an accident.
I ain't sayin this to scare you away from them cause there are some well made quality clones. Just remember to cover your ass.