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Can you believe Slick Willie did it again--Got away scott fucking free. And what's harder for me to believe is the majority of the people didn't want any punishment for him. I was all in favor of cuttin' his fuckin' nuts off. In my humble opinion he is the lowest form of manhood, I mean--I wanna fuckin' puke every time I see him or his fuckin' excuse for a wife. Man--what a fuckin' pair.

In America, anyone can become president. That's one of the risks you take. --Adlai Stevenson

I do believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton have told the truth about one thing. They did not stage an embrace on the shore while vacationing during the holidays. No man or woman looking the way these two do in swimsuits could possibly want to be photographed by the national media. And why shouldn't they share real affection? They have been politically successful' partners with a "con" that has lasted three decades.
Nothing can be more insignificant to the people of this country than Bill Clinton's private life before he became president, and certainly nothing more uninteresting. The Southern boy charm with a Bible in hand will not work. James Carville coming on like a pit bull with the appearance of a character straight out of the film "Deliverance" will hot work. Clinton cannot compartmentalize his life as he has done in the past.
When you are the president there is no part of your life that is hermetically sealed from the American people, your employers. We are long past allowing Bill Clinton to "feel our pain." It's time he felt a little of his own. He is still searching for legitimacy, for his place in history.
Good luck and good times are what keep him hanging by a thread, giving the vague impression that there is a president of the United States somewhere out there.
Dishonesty is so organic to Bill and Hillary Clinton that they are actually thrown when someone decides to tell the truth. They behave like deer in headlights, with stunned silence, waiting to hear "allegation" after "allegation." They must invent a storyline that will provide a balm for the true believers so they won't feel completely stupid in defending this White House.
A real man, a real leader, would have held a press conference immediately and would have shown some remnant of leadership in answering these accusations. We all know why Bill Clinton will not do that, and apparently few people care. Morality is not so much an issue as is the endless deception.
But whatever you choose to do, have the guts to take ownership of that action. If you cannot, and still continue the behavior, then you are not only a liar but you're more than a little stupid. Bill and Hillary constantly perform an assault on the American people, an assault on our common sense. It is perplexing that the American people have bought into their game for so long. Listening to them always leaves me with the desire to take a bath.
Bill Clinton isn't evil or mean, he just isn't 'presidential. He is our "groupie" president. He should be center stage leading with some element of dignity, but instead can be found hovering in the wings waiting to pounce on any semi-attractive female around. Hillary Clinton fashions herself as a modern day Eleanor Roosevelt. Well, her daughter, Chelsea, does bear an uncanny resemblance to Mrs. Roosevelt. Perhaps that should count for something.
Some have said that many people do not care for Hillary because she is a strong Woman or because she is such a smart woman. This is nonsense. There are countless powerful women in this country. Hillary is by no means a special case. She does excel in being one of the most fraudulent characters in public life today.
I am reminded of the way she mocked the country singer, Tammy Wynette, by saying back in 1992 that she was not some little woman "standing by her man." But that is exactly what Hillary did in 1992 and is doing in this latest episode. With her hairbands and Midwestem twang she nodded in agreement with all of Bill Clinton's denials and chimed in with how very committed they were as a married couple.
Now, six years later, with perks that inevitably come along with being first lady, she has finally learned how to dress, and she is consistent in "standing by her man" no matter what. Mrs. Clinton's overestimation of her abilities is underscored by her failed national health care plan, which she tried to construct behind closed doors, and her gross assumption that she would be allowed to run the country without being elected to do so. I wouldn't call Mrs. Clinton unusually intelligent, but I would call her consistent-- controllingly consistent.
Feminists are confused and have been rendered mute as a result of this latest episode. But they need not worry. Hillary has not jeopardized their cause. She is no feminist. Nor is she a role model for other women. She talks a good game, but like her husband, she doesn't let principle get in the way of greed and ambition. If Hillary were such a strong woman and a feminist and so intelligent, she would have run for office herself instead of being the appendage of an open womanizer for which she must constantly formulate damage control to maintain her position. Hillary represents the women of yesteryear. She represents everything your mother told you to avoid.
The people of this country would benefit enormously if someone in the White House would conduct a serious intervention with Bill Clinton so that this classless and pedestrian president can understand that his role as our representative to the rest of the world requires a change in his behavior.
The smile on the face of Yasser Arafat sitting beside Clinton as he was being grilled on his sexual exploits really said it all. And Arafat thought he had come to the White House to discuss world peace. Well, not in the Clinton White House. First things first.
Before Hillary and other Clinton supporters stage their next demarche in his defense, they need only look among themselves to find the answers to their problems. To echo Alan Keyes, at least with Watergate, "Deep Throat" was just a metaphor.
--Debrah Correll is a freelance writer who lives in Chapel Hill.--