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Some of the stuff on here you may have thought to yourself: Hummmmmmm, didn't I hear George Carlin or Steven Wright say that?
Well fuck them, I said most of the shit they say and get paid for long before they said it so who is doing the plagiarism?
I'll give them the credit tho cause I've spent enough money in my life on gold-toothed lawyers.

Have anything that pisses you off that you'd like to add to the list? Well send it to me and share it with everyone.
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Bill & Hillary--The most disgusting couple in the USA!!!

Strange ~ But True?

  • When British general George Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781,thus ending the American Revolution, they had something in common besides their first names. What was it? They were both wearing Harley-Davidson belt buckles.

Stuff That Pisses Me Off About Web Sites

  • Sites that are one page and you scroll from the North Pole to the South Pole--Puulleezzzzz-gimme a fuckin break
  • Sites that have 'Under Construction' signs (If it ain't ready don't put the fucker online)
  • Sites that start by telling me it is their first attempt at a site (It's pretty fuckin obvious)
  • Sites that are named--My little cornor of Cyberspace--Barf--
  • Sites that are named--My little piece of Cyberspace--Gag--
  • Sites that are named--My little cornor of the web--Choke--
  • Sites that are named--My little piece of the web--Puke--
  • Home pages that take forever to load--fuck'em after a couple minutes--I'm outta there!
  • These cute animations that looks like a bike moving
  • These cute animations that looks like pistons
  • Pictures of some fuckin prick on a sportster
  • Pictures of some fuckin prick and his ugly old lady
  • Pictures of some fuckin prick,his ugly old lady and his brain dead rug rats
  • Assholes that download shit off my Homey and use it on "their" web site! Are they to fuckin' stupid to do something original?
  • Assholes that download shit off my Homey, use it on "their" web site, and don't even sign my guestbook
  • More to come later--I feel better now and BTW--my pages are excepted!

Stuff That Makes My Blood Boil

  • Elected officials that think they are God
  • Race Relations when all people don't try to make it work
  • Wannabe Bikers
  • Bike riders that try to justify why they don't ride a Harley
  • People that wear their glasses around their neck on a bungee cord
  • Assholes that treat me with contempt because I smoke
  • Cops that wear mirrored glasses
  • Vehicles with a name that ends in the letter "A"

Have You Ever Wondered

  • Why a seventeen year old girl has to have a note from her parents if she is late for school but not if she wants an abortion?
  • Where Geeks buy there clothes?
  • Why an Indian would wear a cowboy hat?
  • How many rocks are allowed in a one pound bag of beans?
  • How a homless gay comes outta the closet?
  • Why a man calls his Diary a Journal?
  • Why you wash your hands after using the restroom- I never pee on my hand.

Words of Wisdom

  • Simon Says--Go fuck yourself
  • I am repelled by wholesomeness
  • The person that controls the money, land, and weapons is in charge.
  • When in doubt whup it out
  • Always 'bitch slap' a wiseass
  • Never let anyone know how much you know
  • If you can't beat them--Hire someone to do it
  • It was easy to quit smokin on the patch--I couldn't keep em lit
  • Good Girls go to Heaven--Bad Girls go Everywhere!
Best Seller List

  • How To Cure A Headache By Changing Your Underwear
  • How To Get Your Waiter's Attention Without Causing A Scene
  • What To Do With A Booger While Driving
  • Dildos From Around The World
  • How To Build A Doghouse From The Stuff Under Your Couch
  • Making A Pillow With Bellybutton Fuzz
  • 10 Things To Know Before Living In Your Trunk
  • How To Live On Less Than 500 Dollars A Day

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