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Don't skip this part, it is the most important part of the process!
This may sound crazy, but you MUST perform the following step to ensure that this demonstration works properly!
Touch your computer mouse with any part of your head for at least 3 seconds. While doing so, concentrate ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS on the card that you selected! You must make constant contact with the mouse for at least 3 seconds!
Even though most newer mouse devices will pick up your brain waves from up to 5 feet away, you must still follow these directions in case your mouse has old Z-Chip sensors.
Don't cheat! If you skip this step, the demonstration may never work again on your computer!

Please Wait ........
now processing your brain waves to identify the card you picked. Please wait about 5 more seconds and then click "SEE RESULTS" below! This demonstration works 99.2% of the time. Will it work on you?