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Daytona Zoo

The Daytona Zoo was the name given to Party Headquarters, a spot where Dave and his buddies used to camp during Speed Week. Isolated and private, the Zoo provided a perfect setting for such traditional biker party games as Haul the Drunk Guy's Trike Outta the Water, Swallow My Torque Wrench, Simon Sez Get Fried, and of course, Pin the Tail Anywhere You Can.
The clothed men and unclothed women are reminiscent of French Impressionist Edouard Manet's painting titled "Luncheon on the Grass." If I'm not mistaken, a couple of guys at the Zoo seem to be enjoying an outdoor snack themselves.
"The Daytona Zoo," Dave recalls fondly, "meant gettin' nekkid, camping, and full-bore partying. Hell, sometimes we didn't even make it into town. We were just having too much fun right there."
Easyriders Centerspread, March 1986
Commentary by Tex Campbell