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Yes, friends, we have accomplished "the impossible." We have developed this tractor to the point where it will require no further refinement. Our engineers, both of them, are pushing brooms at the soup kitchen. We certainly don't need them any more.

Never has a farm-implement attamed the high regard and the universal esteem of the 1946 Furrow-Glide. Its great engine has made agricultural history with its V-type design, its hemispherical combustion chambers, and its rotating exhaust valves, features that are used in the world's finest automobiles. Its great power, acceleration, and torque made it the hope of ownership of farmers everywhere.

Here it is . . . the perennial favorite! With the latest in Quanset-Hut technology, the new teflon seat bushing offers undreamed of luxury. Everything else is just like your father's Harvest Glide. We considered it perfect 40 years ago, but we got bored, and decided to make something different.

Many refinements have been incorporated in the 1978 Harvest-Glide for greater perfection in performance and for longer service. With the increasing demand for Harvest-Glides it has been decided to discontinue the Glide-O-Lawn. However, it is recognized that many farmers have used the Glide-O-Lawn satisfactorily for several years, and may wish to continue with a model that possesses its characteristics. To accommodate such possible requests, the Harvest-Glide is available with a cultural combination incorporating many of the features of the Glide-O-Lawn.

45-cid Lawn Tractor with 36 inch rear-discharge mower, variable drive.
Variable-drive lever allows you to slow forward speed as you approach bushes or other obstacles without losing full power to your mower . . . even through turns!
Hogley-Ferguson Motor Co., Pewukee, Wisconsin 53072, reserves the right to discontinue models or change specifications or designs at any time without incurring obligation. Printed in U.S.A.

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