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Due to the negative public exposure through movies, TV and newspaper sensationalism, the general public has the absurd misconception that bikers (and I ain't talkin' about jap-crap riders) are a bunch of wild, unkempt, semi-literate, lewd, hardcore, asskickin', hygienically offensive, anti-social, no good, irresponsible, lawless, drug oriented, alcoholic, criminally minded, violent, filthy, perverted, intimidating, longhaired outlaw rebels, raising hell and havoc where ever they go.......granted, they might get a little rowdy, perhaps a little ruthless on occasion, but the truth of the matter is that even though a large portion of bike riders look and act a little crazy at times they are just your basic common folk like you and me. The only difference is that they, the few, the elite, the ones who ride American made, that proud minority in our society who make up the biker mystique, strive for the 'American Dream' like everyone else except they don't compromise their inalienable right to be 'individuals' in this great democratic land of ours. So on that patriotic note here then is a satire on the 'All-American'

First of all, to technically identify a 'Biker' you have to clarify the type of bike he rides, so for all you rice-burner freaks and greasy WOP Moto-Guzzi riders who have obviously picked this web site by mistake, I would like to state that even though Limey bikes are sweet, clean and pretty and German made is nice, for the purpose of this web site, this everlasting, American made motorcycle below is a 'Bike'.
Thers are as many versions of this legendary, indestructable, beautifully designed machine as there are proud owners riding them. There are of course, other acceptable, American made cycles that also fit into this category, including the magnificent 'Indian'.

Now, to get to the thrust of this satire, here is a random, average sample of today's Biker who rides this powerful Iron Horse with pride that comes from the heart...........
There are many variations of this unique individual, but he is basically a bad-ass muthafucker who appreciates his freedom, has his own general principles (whatever they be) and stands behind them no matter what and if anybody doesn't like it they can kiss his ass!

Every man should have at least one woman, so with all due respect to the great variety of sweet, (and not so sweet), understanding, (and not so understanding), sexually open minded, (and not so sexually open minded), women who make up the 'other half' of the Biker's lifestyle, here is an example of the woman who dedicates, (and not dedicates), herself to the particular purpose of pleasing her freewheeling man...........
Ideally, (that word means wishful thinking), the ultimate biker mama is nasty and good looking and takes care of her old man physically, psychologically and enviornmentally, which means she cooks, cleans, loves to ride, gives him all the freedom he desires, and beside pussy, gives mindblowing head and a little butt once in a while.
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