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I made a promise to myself that I would never make a vanity page but it seems like everyone expects to see a little about the owner of the web page nowadays so keepin in step with the politically correctness of things and not wanting the PC Police on my ass I decided to make one.
Just to get started you should know I don't smoke dope, chew rope, dance, prance, romance, fight, fart, fuck, shoot the shit, or drive a truck.
I've been to Spain, Maine, Spokane, around the world three times, two world's fairs, and seen goats fuck in the market place. I've been screwed, blewed and tattooed.
Rode my Harley coast to coast, and pole to pole, fought a war in South East Asia, hauled moonshine, worked at every job from short order cook to company executive, and still ain't got shit to show for it.
Married four women and divorced three, had four children that didn't take after me at all.
All in all my life is great. I live the American Dream!

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