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At the 1000 mile service interval, and at every 5000 mile service interval thereafter, adjust the clutch as follows:

Perform the clutch adjustment with the motorcycle at room temperature. The clearance at the adjuster screw will increase as the power train temperature increases. If adjuster screw is adjusted while the powertrain is hot, clearance at pushrod bearing could be insufficient with power train cold and clutch slippage could occur.


Perform adjustment procedure whenever clutch components are replaced during normal Servicing. Repeat adjustment after 500 miles (8OO km) of use.

1. Stand vehicle upright and level.
2. Remove five allen head socket screws (with captive washers) to free clutch inspection cover from primary chaincase cover.

3. See Figure 1-6. Slide rubber boot off cable adjuster. Holding cable adjuster with 1/2 inch wrench, loosen jam nut using a 9/16 inch wrench. Back jam nut away from cable adjuster. Move adjuster toward jam nut to introduce a large amount of free play at hand lever.
4. See Figure 1-5. Loosen locknut on clutch adjuster screw. To take up all free play in push rods, turn screw inward (clockwise) until lightly seated.

5. Back out adjuster screw 1/2 to 1 turn. While holding adjuster screw with an allen wrench, tighten locknut to 6-10 ft-lbs (8-14 Nm).
6. Squeeze clutch lever to maximum limit three times to set ball and ramp release mechanism.
7. Turn cable adjuster away from jam nut until slack is eliminated at hand lever. Pull clutch cable ferrule away from clutch lever bracket to check free play. Turn cable adjuster as necessary to obtain 1/16 to 1/8 inch (1.6-3.2 mm) free play between end of cable ferrule and clutch lever bracket, as shown in Figure 1-7.
8. Hold adjuster with 1/2 inch wrench. Using 9/16 inch wrench, tighten jam nut against cable adjuster. Cover cable adjuster mechanism with rubber boot.
9. Remove quad ring from groove in primary chaincase cover. Wipe all lubricant from the quad ring. Swab all lubricant from the quad ring groove. Install quad ring in primary chaincase cover with the nubs contacting the ring groove walls.
10. Install the five allen head socket screws to secure the clutch inspection cover to the primary chaincase cover. Alternately tighten screws to 7-9 ft-lbs (10-12 Nm) in a crosswise pattern.

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