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1971 To 1978 Adjustments
1979 To 1984 Adjustments


(Figure 4-1)

Loosen clutch release rod adjusting screw locknut (6) and back off (counterclockwise) clutch release rod adjusting screw (7). Clutch release worm (4) inside transmission sprocket cover (2) should seat against its stop (13) when clutch hand lever is in its fully extended position. If lever does not fully seat, check to see if cable is binding in housing.
Adjust cable length byturning clutch cable adjusting sleeve (hand lever end of cable housing) so that clutch releasing worm does not quite return against its stop. This will hold clutch hand lever in its fully extended position at all times. Turn clutch release rod adjusting screw (7) inward until clutch hand lever has 1/8 of its full movement free before clutch starts to release. This can be checked by a slight in- crease in tension on the clutch hand lever as it is being moved to the released position. Tighten clutch release rod adjusting screw locknut (6), without disturbing the setting of the adjusting screw.



On Electric Start XLH Models, remove battery cover and disconnect ground wire from battery (-) terminal to prevent accidental starter operation.

Remove left footrest and rear brake foot lever. Place an oil drain pan under clutch and remove front chain cover screws,cover and gasket.
See Figure 4-7. Remove twelve clutch cover screws (1 ), six retainers (2), clutch cover (3) and gasket (4).
Loosen cover evenly in several places. Do not pry cover loose at one point as cover may be sprung out of shape and will not be oil-tight when reassembled.
With clutch cover (3) removed, the clutch releasing disc (10), clutch springs (8), spring tension adjusting plate (7) and sixspring adjusting nuts are in view. Three of the spring tension adjusting nuts (5) have 7/16 in. hex heads and three nuts (6) have 1/2 in. hex heads. All spring tension ad- justing nuts are recessed to conform to raised portion of spring tension adjusting plate which provides a lock for the nuts.
Tighten each of the six nuts one half turn at a time. The nuts must always remain in their locked positions after adjustment is made.
Tightening the spring tension adjusting nuts moves the spring tension adjusting plate (7) closer to the outside surface of the clutch releasing plate (10). The inner surface of the spring tension adjusting plate should measure 3/16 in. from the outer surface of the flange on the clutch spring cups (9) for normal clutch spring tension adjustment. When increasing spring tension, do not diminish above distance to less than 7/64 in. or clutch will not release.

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